TRIGGER WARNING : Talk about suicidal thoughts!

People always ask me “how did I do it? How did I begin my transition? How did I get the guts?

The secret is I got tired. My depression was taking over and I realized my disconnection from my physical self had caused me to be suicidal for years.. almost 9 to be exact. Until one day I woke up and realized wait... suicidal people are pros at staying alive. Im still here for a reason. I survived depression, I survived my anxiety and yeah during this time I thought about ending it all each and everyday but I survived. I was now a professional at continuing life when I hated it the most so what was the worst that could happen? That I be happy and survive?

So I took that leap of faith. And remember faith is what you can’t see, I didn’t see where I would be today. And if I could I would go back to tell her that she would end up fine. But I’m glad she took care of it the best way she did. Because now I’m here, and I’m happy, and I’m surviving.