Day # 12

I was going through some old photos and I couldn’t help but wonder where I went wrong in asking for help. Apart of transitioning when I got older, due to the lack of parental guidance , rose so many questions for me.

As a trans child of a non supportive family there is so much shame and guilt you place on yourself for changing your parents plans in raising you, to the point where it makes you doubt your own identity. So you halt your plans, you in some cases forget what you’ve discovered about yourself and continue trying to force yourself to fit into a mold you gave no permission to be created for you.

I look at these pictures and I’m so grateful for being able to work for the resources I needed to transition. But it makes me wonder about how many children currently feel what I felt, and how many parents are ignoring the signs of depression, anxiety, isolation or guilt their trans/LGBQA children are feeling. I can’t imagine being a parent is easy, but I understand the power that position holds.

As a parent you will affect your children’s lives, dead or alive, present or absent the decisions you’ve made and will make will affect them.

So shout out to all the parents who love their children enough to know they won’t understand everything BUT they must be there for everything. It makes a difference.