Day # 11


*My scars are airbrushed/filtered in this picture.*

A lot of people ask me how to begin activism within our community and how can they do all the things I do. But just like this picture, my life is filtered on Instagram... this is social media after all. I’ve just gotten to a place where I take 25 pictures instead of 50 to get one good enough to post. I use filters in most of every picture I do post, I make sure my boomerangs capture the two exciting seconds of my evening, I talk about being confident and being encouraged when I have a hard time finding the ability to do those things myself.

I’m just like everyone else I constantly face anxiety when in large groups of people, and I’m awkward ( for real ). It’s very hard for me to make friends and the ones I do have are because they patiently built a relationship with me. I’m very open on social media platforms because I needed someone of color to share their experiences when I was younger. And my social media is just a small reflection of myself.

You don’t need to look exciting or “famous” to help the community.... you just have to care. I’m no more trans or apart of the community than you. So don’t be discouraged to share your story or your experiences.

You could be the person someone is waiting for.