Day #7/8


Day 7/8 - 1/13-14/18 : #30DaysInTransition

I missed my day 7 yesterday. I’ve been working on my self care. I used to spend so much time finding my happiness in other people and things, and I’m so grateful I’m not wasting time doing that anymore. People think transitioning is full self care, that we’re finally happy, we’re “courageous”, we’re obviously taking care of ourselves being our true “authentic” selves as people always say to me. When in most cases it’s that we have no choice but to do things like have surgery and/or take hormones. Sometimes transitioning is the difference between life and death. And while I choose to live I choose to love myself in this life time, always and fully. Do something to take care of you and only you today, it’s not wrong to be selfish once in a while.