Day #6


Day 6 - 1/12/18 : #30DaysInTransition

I remember the first time I came out to my sister. I was working and she visited me as usual. While she waited for me to clock out I told her I had something to talk to her about, which I never say so she made an effort to show me she was listening. I told her I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my body and I wanted to started making changes towards that. I told her I had done research and decided that taking testosterone was what was best for me, because I desired the changes it would make. As I spoke she stared at me, exactly how I figured a mom would stare at their child telling them something as important as what I said. And after listening to me speak on the next steps I was about to make in my life she told me she supported me. She asked me how I felt  and if I was ready for this. And then we cried together. It was because of that conversation I had the strength to move forward in my transition. She has been my number one supporter from as far back as I can remember. She rose me to be the man I am. She supported me when I didn’t have anyone to. And still today she is my other half. Nowhere I go do I go without her. Not in mind body or spirit. Family support is the most important during a transition. If you are the family member of someone that is trans understand that you don’t understand. Realize that your love is the most important and show them how you love them. Ask questions, be there, and be honest. Most of us appreciate that open communication. Thank you I couldn’t have done this without you