Day #3


Day 3 - 1/9/18: #30DaysInTransition

I remember my first at the barbershop and how frightening it was. I identified as a lesbian at that time and every guy flirted with me, before pushing me aside to the one guy that was willing to cut my long hair. And after 20 minutes of telling me women shouldn’t get their hair cut he shaved off almost half of my head as he shook his head and said he’d never want a woman like me. Today I walk into the barbershop as a transman , this barbershop I go to currently has seen me through my whole transition. And it never gets less scary trying to live up to the hyper masculine profile men of color are given. But this barbershop in particular is my grooming home. The men there have taught me a lot about what being a man of color means in our society. And I’ve gathered that it means building a tough exterior so no one sees you cry. It means trying ten times as hard and still being put into an uneducated, “ghetto” , aggressive, dead beat dad identity. It means growing up fast and not enjoying childhood because you have to be the man of the house and a tough guy on the streets. And despite all those challenges to just live... the men in this shop show me so much life, they are talented, funny, intelligent black men. They are good fathers ( whether they have children or not ) and loyal friends. They are loud, passionate ( about animal planet and sports ), and proud black men. And I couldn’t be happier going anywhere else. Plus I get a fresh cut so lol..