Day #2


Day 2 - 1/8/17: #30DaysInTransition

Deciding to physically transition as a Christian was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Growing up I hated my skin color and was prejudice against most people my color or darker. It took me so long to find love for myself as a curvy black/latina woman in society that when I realized I was transgender I couldn’t fathom changing anything about myself physically. So I decided to identify as a trans man who didn’t “believe” in a physical transition. During that time I received a lot of hate for my ideas and reasonings for not wanting to transition and it caused me to fall into a deep depression. (YOU do not have to physically transition to be trans btw. ) However it was through petition, prayer and fasting that God revealed to that I wasn’t physically transitioning because I hated myself I was doing it because I loved myself. And if God was for me who could stop me from achieving what I thought unobtainable? People in my faith always question my actions and journey. But your relationship with your God or your belief is exactly that... YOURS. And when you have an intimate relationship with someone/something there’s no need to explain what you do.