Day #1


#30DaysInTransition- For the next 30 days I will be joining in sharing experiences during my gender transition.

Day 1: After a rough break up last year , I joined Grindr. Not knowing exactly what I was looking for but knowing I was feeling depressed and insecure about my masculinity. As I explored Grindr and met cis(gender) male after male I realized what I was looking for was  validation of my gender. There’s something about a gay cismale being into me a trans man that made me feel so “manly”. However I soon acknowledged that hooking up with random men was no longer the way I wanted to express that. So I searched on forums and support groups only to find thousands other trans men feeling exactly the same. Apart being trans means looking for validation of one’s self, sometimes at the expense of one’s self. And it’s okay to go through bumps like that, but remember you are you no matter what anyone says, and you don’t anyone but YOU to validate that.