If you're dealing with dysphoria right now...

1. Take a deep breath. Relax, allow yourself to think straight.

2. Have hope. One day this will be all over. We feel depression because we see no future, but I promise there is one.

3. Express how you feel. If you need to draw, write, play sports do it! Find something that you like, and express your full emotions while doing so.

4. Talk Talk about how you feel, whether it’s to a friend or even to yourself! ( No you’re not crazy. ) Talk, you need to say how you feel and what you feel and make goals for yourself.

5. Understand what you’re feeling. Listen to yourself and understand exactly what you’re feeling. We all as humans have goals and have places in our lives we would like to be. Don’t feel alone.

6. Remember you are important. Your trials and struggles in life are here to make you stronger. You’ve made it to this point. You’ve done it be proud of yourself.

Love yourself you are bold, you are beautiful and you are important.