"I felt you in my life before I ever thought to"

Your transition is not only yours. It's everyone whom you hold close to you as well. 

Some people may or may not agree, but when you love someone everything they do becomes apart of you. 

My transition was something I never thought would even happen because of the people I love. So once I began I always prided myself on doing things for myself. Until I met certain people. It not only because mine but ours. And I started thinking of best practices for everyone. 

Allowing misgendering, hiding myself, not speaking about certain things. And then I got tired again. And expected perfection from everyone. Which just became havoc. I can't live just for myself, the results are never how I want them to be. And I end up looking like someone I am not. A lot of trans folks, and even allies don't understand. They ridicule me for my choices, but I'm not perfect. And my transition is exactly that, my transition. 

I do it with others in mind. For them and for myself. Now do I do this perfectly? Far from it. However I try, because like I said, these are people I love