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Why I changed my name and how to pick your name! Picking your name is hard. And thats okay! You don't just wake up one day knowing what name you want to be called for the rest of your life. Think about it. Your parents took almost 9 months!
i am transgender male, that is christian. I believe in God as my messiah and I explain here how I came to the conclusion this is okay. My journey is my own, as well as my opinion. Please be respectful. I am open for discussion just not disrespect.

If you're only interested in my update skip to about 5 minutes ... Here's the website of my surgeon that will be doing my top surgery. If you need advice or have advice for your other brothers and sisters wanting to come out to their friends and family contact me!

How I began hormones! Now remember not every trans person wants to take hormones. Nor is their journey the same when they do take hormones. Ive researched the effects of hormones for about 5+ years, and have finally made a conscious decision to begin hormone replacement therapy.

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