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Whether you're transitioning from female to male, or vice versa or finding out you lie somewhere in between the spectrum, or outside of it! We all don't know what to do immediately. Keep in mind your transition will not be like everyone else's, and that's okay! You should do things at your own time and pace.  

So here's a couple of things to begin thinking about when beginning your journey:

  • How will you begin?

After doing some research and soul searching on who you are, and you come to a conclusion. You can choose to start telling a few people you trust.I began by coming out socially. Meaning on social media, and at work but not my family! For some individuals this may be the safest way, especially if you are living with family members who don't support you. However if you click here this page will give you an amazing couple of tips on coming out to your family and friends.

  • Do you want/have to take hormones?

That is up to you. You DO NOT have to take anything! Whether you pass or not, you do what feels RIGHT for you. No one else but you. However if you do want to take hormones research is key. Every year science develops different methods of taking hormones so it's best to be educated on all possibilities. Click here for a guide on taking estrogen and here for a few facts on testosterone from a couple of sites that helped me out while I was transitioning.

  • How much will this costs?

Transitions can be costly, from buying clothes that fit your gender identity, to purchasing the necessary tools for hormone intake, or saving up for surgery. SAVE , SAVE, SAVE! If you do not have medical insurance or need medical insurance click here! Human Right's Campaign has information on finding insurance and knowing what they will cover within the states. Insurance is different for everyone and varies on your location, employment status and such. So research as much as you can. 

  • What should I expect?

Expect everything to be different than what you've seen. As much as you prepare ourself mentally, things will be different for you. Your body will react different, your thought process will be your own, and your connections with people will change. But this is great! You are growing, and you are learning who you are more and more as each day goes by. 

You will see that things that work for me, might not work for you. But believe me when I say this is the most exciting time in your life, and no matter what you choose to do. 

You are trans enough, and your safety always comes first.