That was something that took me years to figure out. Discovering out who you are is always different for everyone. But what helped me get the answer I was sure of was research. I did tons and tons of research! 

Googling, and youtubing to hear other peoples perspectives are a huge help. Now I can't tell you if you are transgender or not, only you know the answer to that. However I can tell you what I did!

If you are even asking yourself, it might mean you are feeling some sort of discomfort in your current gender role or gender expression. Which is okay, and thats number 1!

1. Acknowledging what you are feeling and deep diving into what could be causing that. 

It's normal to feel curious about your identity. Everyone , transgender or not , goes through self discovery. Be excited you're one step closer to finding out who you are. 

2. Understanding what transgender means, and seeing if you can relate. 

When I heard the term transgender and learned what it meant, it felt like everything clicked. That's not the same experience everyone has, however it might just feel like you've discovered something new about yourself. If transgender doesn't seem like it fits, seek some advice. 

3. Finding your local LGB(T) Health Clinic.

There you will be correctly directed to folks that can help you, get started on the oath to figuring out answers to questions you may have. They also can suggest professionals to 

4. Prepare yourself for a ride. 

Learning I was transgender became challenging when coming out to my family. No matter what you figure out about yourself make sure to indulge in self care. Love yourself no matter what and prepare yourself for anything. Use your resources and if you don't know what they are look for them. It is better to go into this as prepared as possible.